Maharani Indira Devi of Baroda & Cooch Behar by Philip de Laszlo (1869-1937)

Baños, Ecuador by Diego Jamman Cordova
that’s what you get universal PoC response to reports of someone dying doing extreme sports or mountaineering (via 5ft1)
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Humbert Culture and the Case of James Franco

In Humbert culture, little girls are like Nabokov’s narrator described them in Lolita: “little deadly demons” among “wholesome” children, unconscious of their fantastic power and their capacity to ensnare men. Why else would the New York Times, reporting upon the rape of an eleven-year-old by eighteen men, remark upon how the girl “dressed older than her age” and hung out with “teenage boys” on the playground? Why else would the theory that Dolores Haze seduced Humbert Humbert have any salience in popular culture? Why else would James Franco insist that he was deceived by a conniving seventeen-year-old hell-bent on ruining his career? In Humbert culture, girls are wolves, and men are lambs.

Last year, around this time I was in loooooove with James Franco—but he’s gotten progressively worse and creepy and he’s 36. It’s not cute. None of it is. And the Instagram fiasco was the icing on the cake.

Neelam Johal - Vogue India fashion film

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The level to which I relate to Elsa is a little frightening.

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Chuck: You know you could do with loosening up a bit.

Ned: I don’t do loose. I prefer tightly wound, not shapeless with extra room for surprises.

Pushing Daisies, Smell of Success  (via pushingdaisiesquotes)

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